- 2010.04.23. Lacood - Squarez EP out on Bad Sleeper Recordings containing two wobbler tracks.

- 2008.12.01.
Lacood - Hiszek a Jelekben progressive dubstep single out now on Synthactica.

Available in the top digital music stores: Juno, Addictech, Beatsdigital, Trackitdown...

- 2008.09.10.
Dub Breaks - September 2008 mixed by Generic Bass including Lacood - Silk is out. Featuring dubstep artists in the mix: Janner from Rest in Beatz, Distance/Elemental from Hotflush, Tes La Rok from 3.5UK, Rougestar from Z Audio, Sin from Eesti Dubstep.

- 2008.08.28.
Silk from Lacood 's latest EP was played on Basstrap dubstep radio show on Radio1 (Czech Republic), among other artists' like: Tes La Rok/Headhunter/Ekalon from Planer Mu records, Martyn from Revolve:r records, LV Dandelion from Hyperdub, Bots/Flydrums from Elastica, Marino69 from Esprit Records.
Download/listen to the dubstep mix

- 2008.08.22.
Lacood - Progressive Dubstep vol.1. EP is on the 66th position after 1 day on Juno Records digital Dubstep chart.

- 2008.08.21. Lacood - Progressive Dubstep vol.1. EP out now on Synthactica.

Available on the top digital music stores. Juno, Addictech, Beatsdigital, Trackitdown...

- 2006.10.27
: Dj Taucher of Sunshine Live has a very cool comment on Lacood 's remix of Console-9's Haven't We Met Somewhere?

Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/ (Germany)
Rating: 10
Reaction: Excellent
"what a wonderful track imagine to drive car your girlfriend next to you coming from a party and the sun comes
over the horizon you listen that track what else do you need_i will definitely play that track in my weekly 4 hour
progressive radio show..."

- 2006.08.21: Lacood 's Sun Breakout trancy breakbeat anthem's come out on Synthactica Records! Remixed by Console-9.

Get it on Juno Records shop, on Trackitdown, on 3Beat Digital!

- 2006.07.21: Lacood remixes on Synthactica Records! Progressive breakbeat reworks of Console-9's 2nd Good Day and Haven't We Met Somewhere? tracks

- 2004.08: Kevlaar Records 2004 CDR is out including 4 Lacood trax

- 2003.08: Kevlaar Records 2003 CDR is out including 2 Lacood trax

- 2002.05: Lacood 's drum and bass track (New Age Para) on True Sound Of Freee 3 CD compilation of Freee electronic music magazine